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Patient Portals are healthcare-related online applications that allow patients to interact and communicate with their healthcare providers. Such services are typically available on the Internet at all hours of the day and night. Some patient portal applications exist as stand-alone web sites; others are integrated into the web site of the healthcare provider. Our Patient Portal is integrated into our website and can be accessed alone (canwi.followmyhealth.com) or from our website www.canwi.com via a link built into there. It is secure and compliant with HIPPA regulations.

Patient portals benefit both patients and providers by increasing efficiency and productivity. It is going to be the way of delivery of medical service in future. Patients can view and manage their health records and portal makes it possible. Majority of portal applications enable patients to interact with their provider in different ways. Our patient portal, right now, will allow our patients to:

• Schedule appointments
• Request for prescription refills
• Update demographic information changes online
• View lab results
• View and manage their personal health record
• Pay bills online
• Ask treatment related follow up questions

We had a Portal earlier from a Company called Intuit, which did not work well for us. We had numerous complaints from our patients. They did not like it and also it did not integrate well with our EHR System. We listened to our patients and terminated our contract with that Portal.

WE HAVE NOW A NEW PORTAL! The name of this new portal is "Follow My Health", which is also referred to as “FMH”. It is owned by a Company called "Jardogs", which has been acquired by our EHR Vendor, Allscripts. It integrates seamlessly with our system, and is much simpler and friendly to use.
Patients who seek to use this new Portal will have to register first and create an Account. The registration process is simple. All those patients, who have given us their email address, will get an electronic invitation from us, which will carry a link for the new portal and directions for registration. HOWEVER TO SEND YOU AN INVITATION WE MUST HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND DATE OF BIRTH. Also, we will have a dedicated "help" line for patients to help them with the registration process. Patients, who do not want to manage their health records themselves, and would instead like someone else of their trust to have access to their health records (like spouse, offspring or sibling) could also do so with this new portal. All in all, it is an excellent tool to take control of your health records and may very well be the way of delivery of medical service in future. We encourage our patients to register for this portal.

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